Here lives some examples of where my brain goes when I should be resting. All artwork and recordings are original. Enjoy.


The meeting

It was a cold, bleak night in December when the boss called me in. Archie told me not to go, but this was my mistake and I had to make it right. By the time I had arrived, I knew that this would be my final meeting. The looks on their faces gave it away. I could see the displeasure in their eyes and the tension in the room was unbearable. A drop of sweat ran down my neck as the boss reached for the revolver. I only hope it’s quick…

-Excerpt from Diary of Vinny Romano


Among the stars

After Earth became uninhabitable due to a combination of climate change, nuclear war, and natural disasters, a new civilization was formed outside the gravitational orbit of the planet. The moon turned to dust, and not many humans survived. In the gaseous bloom of what was formerly the moon lives what remains of the human race. Within the cloud, citizens reside in a tense period of "peace". Below the cloud cover are the living quarters, market and entertainment districts as well as government establishments attempting to maintain order over warring groups. Above the cloud is the final frontier. Military establishments are placed as overwatch, a futile attempt to keep the peace. Skirmishing factions conduct raids on rival settlements as resources are very limited. The United States’ "Space Force" is in the process of finding humanity a new home somewhere among distant stars. There is no telling how much longer humanity will remain.


Hunting party

It was a scene so peaceful it could have been in one of those nature documentaries on BBC. The birds were chirping and the wind gently whistling through the pines. The rain started, then there was silence. Contact was made at 0700. I’ve never seen such a beast. The way it looked at you alone sent an icy chill down your spine. And that roar, oh that roar. Little did we know that she was not alone.